Baby Monkey Was Rejected By His Mom, But Now He Has – A New Loving Mama

A baby squirrel monkey whose name is Fyodor, who was born at the Tyumen Zoo in Russia, discovered an unlikely maternal figure after his own mother rejected him — Rosinka the cat.

The two of them were brought together as a brainchild of the zoo’s director and Rosinka’s owner, Tatyana Antropova, CBS News reported.

Squirrel monkeys are traditionally carried on their mothers’ backs from birth and sustain that relationship for several months until they are strong and independent enough to venture forward on their own, according to Primate Info Net. Without that contact, protection, and warmth provided by a mother, Fyodor may have died. But never fear! It was indeed Rosinka and her fluffy feline fur to the rescue!


The experiment of introducing Fyodor to the 16-year-old female cat was a surprising success. Rosinka gladly welcomed Fyodor as her own and the infant monkey has been clinging to his cat mama’s furry back ever since. Through all of it Rosinka has been a model parent, displaying patience with the growing monkey and his juvenile antics of biting and his pinching. Rosinka will soon be relieved of her motherhood duties, as Fyodor has been thriving so well in her care that he is nearly ready to rejoin his kind back at the zoo as a weaned adolescent.

Rosinka’s great sacrifice and care are not entirely unique among cats (and other animals). There are many other cases of cats “adopting” other species as their own. Cats are known to care for everything from wolf cubs to squirrels, red pandas to raccoons, explains the Huffington Post. It just goes to show, a mother’s love knows no bounds or species lines.