Family Cat Found Alive (and Healthy!) Weeks Following Car Crash Disappearance!

OREGON – You can call it a Christmas miracle.

In November, a 7-month-old Russian Blue cat whose name is Cleopatra Pepper Egan went missing after her family crashed and totaled their minivan during a move in Oregon, reported the East Oregonian. While the Egan family emerged mostly unharmed, Amanda Egan told Komo News that her pup and cat hadn’t been so lucky.

“Irene, our dog, she was injured in the crash. She ran off, was hit, and she died. We couldn’t find Cleo anywhere,” Egan explained. “We assumed she had been injured and just ran off to die or she had run off and was going to find a new family.”

The family then began a GoFundMe to raise money for their move and the damage, assuming that Cleo had died.

Twelve days after the kitten’s disappearance, a stranger called Egan to tell her they’d found Cleo with her collar still intact, hiding out in their barn. Her three daughters (5, 3 and 1), who had been devastated by the loss of their dog and cat, couldn’t believe it.

“They were so excited when I told them Cleo had shown up,” Egan stated to the East Oregonian. “Their mouths were wide open.”

After the story was published, a stranger offered to drive Cleo the 375 miles back to the Egans so she could spend Christmas with the family.

“It’s crazy how the timing just worked out that way,” Egan stated. “It was a really great Christmas present to get her back.”

Faith in humanity restored!