Bonded Cats Literally Cling To Each Other After Being Dumped At …

TEXAS – Two very sweet but sad cats were dumped at a shelter without any reason by their owner.

The two girls literally clung to each other, scared and unsure of what was happening.

“These two sweet girls were just abandoned by their owner,” Yellow City Shelter Cats, which is a volunteer page showing cats in need of forever homes, wrote on Tuesday. “They are understandably very stressed, upset and clinging to each other.”

In upwards of 3.2 million cats enter U.S. animal shelters each and every year and over 800,000 are euthanized. It’s difficult enough getting all these cats homes — and even harder when the cats are bonded and need a home together.

“Would you be willing to give these sweet girls a home together?” Yellow City Shelter Cats commented.

Thankfully for these two, a foster has stepped up and decided to take them in for the time being.

If you would like to give these sweet best friends a permanent home, you can contact DAWGS.

Photo/video credits: Yellow City Shelter Cats │ Via: