Tiny Kitten Whose Leg Was Amputated Is Finally Purring Once Again!

NEW YORK – Tapani, an adorable ginger kitten, had a very cruel start in life.

He was discovered by rescuers outside in the cold. He was all alone and completely unable to move, reported Love Meow.

His mother had given birth to the entire litter in that spot, but since he couldn’t move, he couldn’t get away with the rest of the family.


The little ginger cat somehow got his back paw badly tangled in the grass, and was stuck.

Kitten Korner Rescue, Inc. which is located in Henrietta, NY, explained to Love Meow, “The grass was wrapped around his leg and cut off the circulation. The caretaker thought he was dying because he wasn’t moving”.


The medical team immediately put the cat on antibiotics in the hope of saving his leg and bandaged it up as well as they could!

However, the adorable wee one was constantly crying for attention. The rescue team decided to introduce him to one of their mother cats, who name is Treasure.


Treasure had just recently given birth to a one, lone kitten.

She quickly took Tapani in as her own and he started receiving the motherly love he had been so desperately craving.

Of course, his new mom’s milk boosted his immune system as well as his morale, helping him grow stronger and she was right next to him when the kitten opened his eyes for the first time.


Although Tapani was doing well, his leg ended up having to be amputated because it was mangled to heal.

The rescue team went on to add, “Eventually the lower portion of his leg shrivelled up and came off. Though the stump healed nicely at first it became infected and we decided to amputate his leg”.

Luckily, Tapani recovered in record time, standing up on his own just a few days after the surgery and seemed as happy as ever, even with three legs.


He simply wouldn’t let anything get his spirits down.

At the end of September, one lucky family decided to adopt Tapani and give him the caring home he so deserves. This three-legged kitten will now certainly enjoy a full, happy life, just like any four-legged kitty, with a family who loves him and doesn’t even notice his disability.

We here at The Best Cat Page wish Tapani the best in his new forever home!

Photo credits: Kitten Korner Rescue