They Discovered This Mini-panther At Their Shop And Now She …

A mini panther, in other words – a small black kitten, just showed up at the shop looking for love. Today, she’s all grown up and has herself a great job!

“Found a kitten in a warehouse at the steel shop I work at, she finally gained the courage to get close to us,” reddit user Beerooder commented.

The gorgeous, tiny kitten was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health. She has since grown up into a truly mighty house panther that lives at the shop.

And this kitty is no freeloader, either. She actually now has a job at the shop!

“This picture is from last November, but she’s still at the shop. We had her spayed and she’s had all her shots. Now she a big, healthy, and very rambunctious mouse killing machine!”

This kitty is living large now as a happy shop cat and keeps moral up at the office.

And of course, the staff-members and clients absolutely adore her!

Photo credits: Beerooder