Bonzai, the Cross-eyed Ginger Cat, Becomes Internet Sensation!

A pet owner has set the Chinese internet completely ablaze with hilarious pictures of her cross-eyed cat.

The owner claims her ginger tabby, named Bozai, had suddenly gone boss-eyed after she made it share the cage with a stray puppy that she found.

The woman was so stunned that she shared the story online, hoping to find out the cause with a little help from the social media. Her post has been shared more than 42,000 times.

The owner is known only by her social media screen name ‘I want to raise a panda’.

She described the unusual incident in a post she made on Weibo, the Chinese answer to Twitter, on May 23.

According to her account, she currently lives in Taiyuan in Shanxi Province.

In the post, the woman said that she had found a one-month-old stray dog and had decided to bring it home with her.

She said that she had named the pooch Diliuliu.

She went on to explain that she wanted to find the puppy a new home, but before any suitable family showed up, she would keep it in her house.

The woman said she also has a pet cat, which runs about in the day but sleeps in the cage at night.

The post then went on to read: ‘While I’m looking for an owner for the dog, it has to sleep with my cat.

‘I fear the puppy will feel lonely, so I have divided the four-level cage into a two-level split. The dog lives on the ground floor while the cat lives on the first floor.

‘They will be good neighbours and can take care of each other.’
The woman then said on the morning of May 23, she suddenly found Bozai the ginger tabby had wonky eyes.

She also wrote: ‘Oh my god, [it has become] boss-eyed. Is it because the dog has barked all night and the cat didn’t sleep well?’

Along the words, the confused pet owner posted nine pictures, showing the poor feline failing to line up her eyes properly.

She stated Bozai had no problem playing with dogs in the past, and it seemed to be enjoying its new friend Diliuliu.

The woman tagged a veterinarian by the name of Zhang Xu, hoping to get her advice.

Her post quickly went viral and has since gathered more than 42,000 shares and 28,600. Since Monday!

Many viewers were amused by Bozai’s confused facial expression.

A user named ‘Wen kang kang’ stated: ‘I can’t help it. This is hilarious.’

‘Lou zhu ren’ stated: ‘I suffer from postpartum depression, I was feeling crying just now, but I should feel much better after reading this post.’

‘Ba bo si 35mr’ then wrote: ‘I have been laughing at this post for two days.’

Some other users even tried to give their explanations on what had made the cat cross-eyed.

One user commented: ‘Perhaps the cat has been overly stressed. It could die if the condition is series. You should take it to the vet.’

User named ‘lybbbbbbbb’ stated: ‘It has stared at the dog for too long.’

Later on Monday evening, the pet owner wrote a follow-up post saying Bozai was slowly recovering from the mysterious condition.

The post also stated: ‘After my analysis, this is because the cat and the dog lived too close to each other.

‘The cat slept on its side and stared at the dog for the whole night leading to the temporary damage of its extra-ocular muscles.’