They Bought A Boat, But There Was A Surprise Inside Of It!

This is the story of two kittens when they were just 9 days old!

Their names are Pistachio and Raisin!


Their story begins when a family purchased a boat and brought it back to their home several states away.

They first discovered the newborn kitties inside the boat, the kittens’ foster mom shared on Instagram.

And so, the family took the kittens to a shelter!


They were so young that they still needed to be fed and cared for around the clock! What they needed was an expert foster carer and they found one!

The kittens were given formula and a warm blanket to help make them feel more comfortable!

Once they reached the age of two weeks, they had become stronger and their eyes were finally opened.


Then just one week later, they were all moved into a playpen so that they could have a good amount space to hone their walking skills.

Raisin loved to give her foster mom hugs and Pistachio soon broke the 300-gram mark!

The family that found them in the boat absolutely fell in love with both of them and decided to adopt the kittens and give them a loving forever home!