Policeman Rescues Dying Kitten From Sewer And Then Does Something Amazing!

SOUTH KOREA – A police officer who was stationed in South Gyeongsang Province police station in Changwon city decided to become a ‘butler’ for a poor dying kitten he had rescued.

According to Kyungnam Police officials on August 10, a stray kitten who is known as Conan was rescued after being discovered stuck inside a sewer after losing its mother back in June. They reported that they had discovered a new owner for the animal before taking it to the shelter.

Conan’s new owner was none other than police officer Jin Si Hoon who rescued the kitten on site. Officer Jin originally had plans to send the kitten who was meowing for help to an animal shelter.

However, officer Jin went on to say, “Stray kittens are usually prone to euthanasia,” and decided not to send it over to the shelter.

Having two cats of his own already, officer Jin lovingly decided to adopt the tiny feline. Luckily, Conan was indeed able to recover swiftly under the officer’s care.

Conan can be found following his butler around everywhere and even be interfering with his studies from time to time with its cute charm. Seeing this, officer Jin can’t help but love and adore the furry creature.

“Since Conan went through so much trouble, I would like to provide only happy memories from now on,” the officer concluded.

Source: www.allkpop.com