This Brave House Cat Stopped A Man From Breaking Into A Home By …

Turns out there certainty are such things as cat burglars and also cat burglar catchers.

Binky is a brave kitty who lives in Indianapolis. He recently caught a thief, according to KOAA.

A man tried breaking into Cynthia Kootz’s home by repeatedly banging on the door. When Kootz awoke and ordered the intruder that he leave, he ignored her advice and decided to try busting through a window instead.

On the other side of the glass is where he met the protective gray tabby who attacked the man when he tried to enter his home. Binky was enough of a threat to seriously injure the would-be burglar and scare him completely off.

Quick on his paws, Binky and his amazing guard cat skills have earned him the title of hero among his family and friends.

While Binky obviously isn’t afraid at all to get aggressive with burglars, his owner explained that she was surprised by his actions, since the cat is always affectionate with welcomed visitors.

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