Neko Atsume Cookies Are a Thing Now!


In Japan, summertime is a huge gift-giving season. People buy presents and give them to co-workers, doctors, neighbors and also to those who have helped them throughout the year. This mid-year gift giving is what the Japanese call Ochugen. It’s an interesting tradition which we should think about adopting here in the States. Who wants to wait until December to show someone just how much they care? Better to do it in summer when they’re least expecting it!

RocketNews24 reported that Lawson has a very special summer gift, a box of iced cookies and chocolates all in the shape of the beloved cat-collecting game characters of Neko Atsume. These cookies feature the faces of Snowball, Peaches, and Pepper.

This specialty summer gift item costs 3,240 yen which translates to about $30 in US currency, but well worth it when you think about all the money you’d spend on sashimi and thrifty bitz. The cookies will start shipping at the end of June so that they’ll be available for Ochugen in July, when the gratitude gifts are usually sent.


How yummy!