Stitch the Rescue Kitten Takes Care of Sick Farm Animals

Meet Stitch! Stitch was found left behind along with her siblings by a factory worker. That was then. Today, she’s become a vet nurse to other rescue animals, helping and caring for them each and every day.

Stitch was found at an industrial warehouse where she and her siblings were rescued by the good folks from an outfit called Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary that currently provides life-long love and care to over 250 rescued animals.

They nursed her and her brothers ans sisters back to health and reunited them with their cat mama.

Stitch has since become a vet nurse at the sanctuary, providing love and care to other rescued animals. She’s still getting daily treatment for her eyes even now, but nothing stops her from helping other animals in need.

“She is one of the sweetest, kindest and unassuming creatures you could ever meet,” Edgar’s Mission wrote.

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Nurse Stitch is a loving, compassionate motivator to all her babies and her tail says everything she cannot express in words.

Stitch even has a best friend, Remy the rescue lamb.

Before each night is over, nurse Stitch checks on each and every one of the animals, purring them to sleep.