Adult Male Cat Becomes Surrogate Papa to An Adorable, Orphaned Kitty!

A wee one of an orphaned kitty who had lost his birth mom found a new kind of mom … an adult male ginger cat who was more than willing to be a proud, new papa!

This is a photo of the kitty taken the day he was rescued …


Early one morning, Cristina Piapa found the abandoned kitten. His eyes will still shut tight and there was no mama cat around. Since Cristina had cats of her own, she decided to take the wee home with her. Her cat Boli immediately took to the wee one and began to groom him and care for him as if he was the real dad!

Cristina couldn’t believe just how gentle and loving Boli was with the wee one!


“I have rescued a lot of cats. Boli always takes care of them,” Piapia told Amy of Love Meow.


The wee one was named simply, “Ra.” He wanted nothing more than to spend every waking moment with his new dad, right from the beginning.


Cristina, of course, had to feed the little angel every few hours, but Boli was always right there to give Ra a bath and wash him up after meals.



Just look at the difference in size between Boli’s paw and Ra’s paw!


Boli wasn’t just Ra’s surrogate “dad.” And as time passed, they became great friends!



Ra never had the chance to see his real mom but everything happens for a reason.

This is Ra today! What a handsome cat!


Everything happens for a reason, and when love is in the driver’s seat .. what a wonderful journey life becomes!

Photo credits: Cristina Piapia