EMT Adopts the Kitten He Rescued from New Jersey Fire!

NEW JERSEY – One of the kittens rescued by the Annandale Hose Company during a Monday, May 9, fire drill at the Hunterdon County Emergency Training Center has recently been adopted by the EMT who provided oxygen for the kittens on the scene.

The Annandale Hose Company had been conducting a fire training at the Emergency Training Center on Petticoat Lane in the township, according to Lyn Serino who is of the Lost Paws Animal Rescue organization.

“After the crew had put out the fire and was doing a walk through, they heard kittens crying and found seven newborn kittens in the training facility,” Serino stated. “The 911 dispatcher reached out to our group. We had fosters take the kittens in to bottle feed them.”


It was Bucky Buchanan, who is Deputy Chief of EMS for the Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad who received the call from the crew who first found the kittens and contacted the county communication dispatch center.

“Goes to show you never know exactly what you may come upon when volunteering with Clinton First Aid and Rescue, but our folks always are ready for the challenge,” Buchanan stated.

EMT Thomas McGrew was actually on the scene, according to Serino.

“He administered oxygen to the kittens for at least an hour,” Serino stated. “He and the rest of his crew cleaned the debris from their bodies and the saliva from their mouths, all effects from the smoke. The EMTs continued to work on the kittens until (we) arrived and picked up the kittens. Two other Lost Paws volunteers, Kim Lawler and Maryann Doesburg then took them to Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Iselin. The kittens were there for two days in an oxygen cage before going home to Lost Paws bottle feeders.”

Christopher Sloss, who is deputy chief of the Clinton Township Division of Fire, said that he is proud of the members of his department who assisted in the rescue of these kittens.

“We are always there to help our community whether it be person, animal or possessions,” explained Sloss. “It’s in our blood to help others even kittens. We are happy to hear the kittens are doing well and will have a good life with the new families.”

Lost Paws is a nonprofit group which relies on donations, and they paid more than $1,100 for the kittens’ medical care, Serino stated.

“This truly was a team effort between the firefighters, first aide squad, 911 dispatch, Lost Paws volunteers and the staff at Garden State,” Serino said.

“Monetary donations are very important for us to continue to help,” Serino said. “The same night we picked these kittens up from the hospital we got a call about three other kittens whose mom was killed by a car and they needed bottle feeding.”

Once the kittens were finally ready for adoption, McGrew met the kittens he helped save and adopted little Flare this past weekend.

“The kitten is now called Ember and she is very happy in her new home,” Serino stated. “Sadly we did lose three of the kittens to issues related to smoke inhalation.”

Serino said that donations may be made through PayPal at lpaws@embarqmail.com or by mail to Lost Paws Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 128, Pittstown, N.J. 08867. Also, the group can always use items such as KMR (kitten milk replacement), cat and kitten dry and canned foods, beds, dog food, toys, baby food and Blue Buffalo cat litter.