Telekitty: The First App That Can Read a Cat’s Mind … Sort of.

Hey Human,

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We heard you like cats. We noticed these cute little animals popping up in our timelines. Sweet! We do find it a bit awkward that you, humans, keep on guessing what these superior mamals are thinking in the comments sections of our timelines.

After years of *cough* scientific research, we developed Telekitty (free download), the first app in the world that can read a cat’s mind. Wait what, you have cat to be kitten me right meow. No really.
Telekitty is a fun app that aims to bring a new level of communication between catlovers and their favorite pet.
How does it work?

A catlover looks at his cat with the app, the app detects the cat (through our Cat Purrcognition™ software — major tech feature of the app), scans the cat and returns the image of the cat with the cat thought on it. The catlover can decide to decorate this image with stickers and share it with his friends. That’s it. Easy as meow, two, three.

Telekitty is created by the same team that released Eva Mouton Pix in May 2015, an overall number 1 paid iPhone app in Belgium. Belgium may have been hit by a very violent act in the past week, we are still very proud to be the home of a lot of comic books and surrealism. A tradition we try to honor with Telekitty.

screen322x572-minTelekitty is free with in app purchases. The free version contains thousands of cat thoughts in a number of categories (funny, philosophical, evil, motivational, etc.) but some categories can only be obtained through in app purchases (naughty, fashionista, spiritual etc.). These packs that can be bought for .99 euro/dollar contain stickers to decorate your resulting image as well.

Telekitty is available in English and Dutch and is iOS only at the moment.

Images and screenshots can be found on dropbox and check our instagram account where we have been posting some results of our tests.

Enjoy Telekitty and do not hesitate to contact us, . Telekitty will is available in the App Store as a free download.
Telekitty in a nutshell:

iOS App that can read a cat’s mind … sort of
cat recognition software
thousands of cat thoughts
designed by celebrated Belgian illustrator Eva Mouton
free with in app purchases for specific thought/sticker packs
Did you know Telekitty was selected by Telenet (major Belgian telco company) out of more than 200 ideas to get all kind of support from them so we could build this amazing app.

Enjoy your day.

*Text used by permission.*