Is This a Cat? Or a Dog? Or Perhaps Something Else? – VIDEO!

A video of a mysterious animal has proven to be as divisive as ‘the color of the dress’ of Autumn 2015.

The clip below shows a small, black, furry animal scooting through chairs around a dining table on its back.

At one point in the adorable video, there are definite dog characteristics, though a bit later it appears to be a cat.

For a few seconds, as its eyes just catch the light, one could be forgiven for assuming it is something else entirely.

Web developer Aster Ryan posted a gif of the video up onto her Twitter account with a poll attached, and sparked a hugely divisive debate.

With the head of a dog, the tail of a cat and the eyes of who knows what, nobody was sure how to answer.

Some users discussed the very distinctive tail, one user went to consult a vet and another suggested the possibility of a third animal – a black bengal goat.

At long last, the votes were in, with ‘cat’ winning by huge margin – though some, to this day, remain unconvinced.