Official Crazy Cat Lady Check-list! The 17 Items You Absolutely Must Have to Be a True Cat Lady of Today!

The cat lady lifestyle isn’t just for little old ladies anymore. Much like knitting and the art of a blue rinse, being a cat lady is just so trendy right now. How many Instagram accounts have you seen dedicated to peoples’ fur-babies? How many more cats does Taylor Swift need to get before the world realizes just how cool they are? Here’s are the main things you need to make it on your way to being A Cat Lady of Today!

1. The cats in hats crochet guide
To prove you’re a true cat lady, you must of course know how to crochet your cat a jaunty hat. How else do you think they’re going to keep warm? From gentlemanly bowler hats to jovial banana hats, there is a hat to suit every cat person out there in this book.


2. Beware of the Cat doormat
As a cat lady, you should always warn people that they are about to enter a home of warm snuggles and a faint smell of cat food…


3. Radiator bed
Because your cat deserves the very best, this cat bed that hooks over the radiator and gently makes them toasty warm is a must have for every cat lady worth a yarn. Also, just think of the photo possibilities!


4. Cat mug
Because every cat lady should appreciate a cat pun, especially when it relates to coffee.


5. Cat poster
As yourself, a cat lady, will know, that cat art is highly underestimated. Just look at this piece. It tells us so much. We could look at it for days…


6. Cat makeup bag
Please be sure to read above about cat ladies and puns. Also, this makeup bag proves that you can be cute and also be a cat lady.


7. Mini vacuum
This tiny robot will vacuum all of your cats pesky stray hairs away, and also they will look cute sitting on it as it takes them for a ride.


8. Cat jumper
Cat ladies don’t just express their love of cats through simply owning a cat. They show it through their fashion wear as well. Sure this isn’t quite Taylor Swift’s brown onesie entirely patterned with cats, but it certainly sends a solid message, and that message is that you really love cats.



9. Cat clock
Enjoy all the time you can with your cat – but remember you have other commitments. This swinging tail clock will ensure you don’t waste your day away marveling over how clever/cute/creative your kitty is.


10. Cat tin
Cats have their treats, and you should have yours, too. Whether you want to stash catnip for your little furry friend or just want to pack this with biscuits for yourself, the cat aesthetic is a perfect storage place.


11. Cat book
So you can laugh and agree with each and every one of the observations from of cat lady to another.


12. Cat cushion
Snuggle up to a cat, even when your cat is being independent with this fancy cat cushion.


13. Cat magnets
Sticking memos onto your fridge door never looked so classy. Well…maybe not classy, they are cats butts after all.


14. Cat watch
Even when you are away from your kitty, remind yourself that the minutes are ticking down before you can be reunited with him or her with this friendly Cheshire Cat watch.


15. Cat unicorn horn
Make your kitty so happy with this cat unicorn horn. As the box says: “cats love it!”, and we are just going to take that at face value.


16. Cats taking selfies book
A sweet little book which you can take with you anyway to laugh over how silly yet clever cats are in all their different ways.


17. Cat picture
Pay homage to your own feline with a custom made description of your animal companion.


So, tell us .. how many of these items do you already have??