Lucky Cat Who Had Been Missing for 9 Long Years is Re-united With Original Owner!

Norma Jean is now safe and well back in Torquay

Norma Jean is now safe and well back in Torquay

TORQUAY, SCOTLAND – A cat in Scotland who had been missing for nine years from her Torquay home, and has now been returned to her original owner.

Norma Jean was only a year old when she disappeared, leaving a devoted owner as well as her own mother cat, her brother and sister.

However, at the beginning of May she appeared at another family’s door, all the way in East Kilbride, Scotland.

They scanned her and found a microchip which ended up revealing that her owner lived in Torquay.

Torquay and District Cats Protection managed to contact the owner’s sister and then a post on Pets Page was shared in the Torquay area where she was recognized by the original owner’s friends.

By some strange coincidence, the owner was on holiday in Scotland and also spotted the post of her cat and got in touch with Cats Protection.

Norma Jean is now finally back home in Torquay. Her owner went on to say: “If only she could talk, I bet she would have some stories to tell.”