Cat Dumped At Shelter. The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart!

Just about every cat owner has one thing about their cat that they dislike: the litterbox.

There are some cats are fast to learn how to use their boxes, however, there are also other kitties who take a little bit too long to learn how.

No matter what way you look at ti, it’s a struggle all cat owners go through, but of course, we do it because we love them! For one kitty, her owner gave up on her far too soon.

Dixie the cat was brought to an animal shelter after she’d stopped using her litterbox. She was surrendered to a local shelter in located Illinois, however, the shelter was overcrowded and she was at risk of being euthanized.

Luckily, that is when a few cat-loving organizations came together to save the day. Chris, from the popular Facebook page Cole and Marmalade, decided to reach out to Kenosha Forgotten Friends to see what they could do for Dixie.

Despite her litterbox affliction, this gorgeous 8-year-old calico was not worth losing. All she really needed love and care, and thankfully, she got it!

Once she was surrendered, Dixie was in jeopardy of dying. Not only was she very close to being put on the euthanasia list, she was also being bullied by other cats at the shelter. The poor little lady just hid under her bed.

Thankfully, though, Dixie was given over to Kenosha Forgotten Friends. With the help of this group, she got proper care. It was determined that Dixie had a few health issues that needed immediate attention.

Dixie suffered from a urinary tract infection and an upper respiratory infection — she was in very bad shape. However, they acted quickly, as soon as they knew what was wrong with her.

After receiving some much-needed medical care and some proper love and affection, Dixie began using the litterbox!

“She is already feeling better and feels safe and secure after only a few days of getting proper care and the love and attention she deserves!” Kenosha Forgotten Friends explained to Love Meow.

Now, Dixie is living a great new life. Her new cat dad recently had a party for her, that Kenosha Forgotten Friends shared on their Facebook page:

“This is so heartwarming that we just have to share with all of you that have followed Dixie on her journey. Stories like this make our day! Dad’s friends threw a SURPRISE “new KITTY shower,” complete with cards, pink wrapping paper and all! Dixie got lots of gifts! Cat trees, toys, and treats! We think all had a good time! Especially Dixie. Now we’ve heard of baby showers, but never a kitty shower!”

H/T: Love Meow │ Photo credits: Kenosha Forgotten Friends