Two Mama Cats and Their Seven Kittens Rescued From Mobile Home Park!

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Two cat mamas and their seven kittens are almost ready to be put up for adoption after being rescued from a mobile home park. The adorable “furry family” had been living as strays when a volunteer from the VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association¬†or VOKRA found them.

“The older mama had been hanging around a mobile home park for the last several years,” stated Tasha Bukovnik with VOKRA.

According to VOKRA, this was the third litter for the older of the females and the younger one is most likely her daughter from one of her litters of the past.

VOKRA doesn’t operate on a traditional shelter model so all cats and kittens will stay in foster homes until they’re adopted.

“These kittens are semi-feral so they’ll be spending some extra time in foster care in order to ensure they’re socialized properly before being adopted out,” stated Bukovnik. “There’s no set time frame for this so we’re not able to say when they’ll be ready for adoption.”

The kittens are more or less 10 weeks old which is usually the age at which kittens are adopted. The mothers have gone off to be spayed and will be put together in a separate foster home so they can also be socialized prior to adoption.

It’s not yet clear when the furry family will find forever homes, but their foster parent has assigned names for each of them:Sir OzzE,Cora Rose,Mr. Starlord (Beans),LilleeMae (Lilly),Missy MayPettles (Maple),Queen Ann (Nova) and Seven.