Cat Found Under Car Hood After Minneapolis to Eagan Trip!

EAGAN, MINNESOTA – A cat in Minnesota has just survived the ride of its life.

A woman returned to Eagan, Minn. after picking her daughter up from daycare and running some errands in Minneapolis when she heard a strange noise coming from under her car’s hood, according to an animal control officer.

Officials explained that when she opened the hood, she noticed a paw was sticking out. It turned out a cat was unconscious inside an engine compartment.

Eagan police stated the woman called her father for help, and he used a garden hose to cool the hood of the car down. The cat, at first, was completely unresponsive, but he “jumped back to life” after her father sprayed it with a little water.

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The woman says the cat must have somehow gotten under the hood in Bloomington or even Minneapolis.

An animal control officer soon arrived and took the cat to Pilot Knob Animal Hospital to be treated for minor burns on its nose and paw.

The cat is not micro-chipped but it does have an extra toe on each of its front paws.

The cat has not yet been claimed by anyone and may be available for adoption in the near future.