Cat Suffers Horrific Burns Trying To Save Kittens From Burning Portacabin!

ENGLAND – A cat has suffered horrific burns as she was attempting to save her kittens from inside a burning portacabin, an animal welfare group believe.

Flame, as she has recently been dubbed, was so badly burnt all over her body when she was found that it reduced several volunteers to tears at the Southport -based Alley Cats and Kittens.

She was found in a brick building on the Ronnie Barn Farm estate in Hesketh Bank, which is near Tarleton, on May 20 and her badly singed fur and skin were initially mistaken for distinctive markings.

A search team then went out to look for her kittens after a vet inspection revealed the cat not only had severe damage to her ears and pads but was also producing milk.


The search team was not able to find the litter after looking far and wide but did find a burnt-out portacabin in nearby Banks.

The discovery led volunteers to the conclusion that brave Flame had desperately tried to recover her litter from inside after it had somehow been set alight.


Flame is now recovering well following the traumatic experience, reportedly showing more trust in people and three dressings on her pads have since been removed.

Mark Roughley, who is one of the Alley Cats and Kittens volunteers, stated: “She appeared to have recently had a litter of kittens due to producing milk and was caught up in the fire, where we can only presume that she was trying desperately to save and rescue her litter.


“Flame was naturally very frightened but she gradually gained trust in all the dedicated people who had helped her recovery. She required round the clock care, with her dressings needing specialist care and attention plus medication.

“Her condition is now improving and now her dressings are down to only one on her legs, and her pads are starting to heal and is certainly on the road to recovery.”

He went on to explain that the voluntary group relied on people’s generosity to support cats like Flame.


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