Out of Spite, Man ‘Strangles’ Girlfriend’s Cat After His Calls Were Ignored

BANGKOK, THAILAND – A police complaint has been filed against a creep in Kanchanaburi province after he allegedly filmed himself strangling his girlfriend’s cat and posted the video online. He allegedly did this after she ignored his phone calls Sunday night.


The cat is now in the care of Kanchanaburi police. Photos: Watchdog Thailand

Animal organization WATCHDOG THAILAND announced yesterday that it was helping the cat’s owner, whose real name was withheld, to take legal action against her boyfriend after he allegedly strangled her cat.

Minworasara Kreenapa, who is a friend of the woman, said she planned to break up with her boyfriend after he physically abused her, so she ignored his phone calls, causing him to strangle her cat as a threat.

The cat’s owner, who was in Bangkok at the time, said that she had to leave her three cats at her boyfriend’s car shop because her apartment didn’t allow tenants to have pets.

It is unclear whether or now the couple are still together.

According to Watchdog Thailand, the cat survived the strangulation and was removed from the car shop by local rescue volunteers, along with two other cats.

All three cats are now in the care of Kanchanaburi police as their owner is expected to travel from Bangkok to retrieve her cats some time tomorrow.

The “creep” is currently wanted by police for questioning.