And So, ‘Cat-Shaped Marshmallows’ Are A Thing Now!

Do you like hot chocolate? Good, because it means you’re human. Do you love cats also? Well, then you’ll really love these cat-shaped marshmallows from Japanese confectioner Yawahada.

They just look so adorable and yummy, don’t they?


These adorable kitty marshmallows float up to the top of your cup as you drink and peer at you with their tiny kitty eyes and little kitty paws and little kitty ears and you swoon the entire time you are imbibing.

You’ll want to put them in everything: water, coffee, Gatorade.

Once you start with cat marshmallows, no beverage will ever be complete without those forlorn faces gazing up from the rim of your mug.

Sady, these cat-mallows are only up for adoption — meaning “on sale” — in Japan, but the company hopes to begin delivering to international customers one day!