ISIS Terrorist Says It’s ‘Hard to Kill Animals, But…”

A renown leader of the Islamic State group, who has been linked to a series of terror attacks in Europe, has stated that he finds it difficult to kill animals but gets pleasure in beheading the ‘enemies of Allah’.

According to a report in Mirror, Rachid Kassim, who is 29, spoke about his experience as a jihadist and about leaving his home in Gaziantep, Turkey, in an interview with a Canada-based academic who specializes in research on jihadism.

“To behead an animal, it would be difficult, with enemies of Allah, it is a pleasure,” he stated.

Rachid Kassim, a member of the Islamic State group. (Photo: AFP/File)

Rachid Kassim, a member of the Islamic State group. (Photo: AFP/File)


Kassim, who was born in France, explained he was under constant surveillance while living in the country because of his radical views. “I thought of attacking France when I was there, and my family was afraid because of it,” he stated.

The jihadist shared a few random details about his personal life as well and said how he misses his pet cat. Before migrating to Syria, he along with his wife and a young daughter were living in Gaziantep, Turkey.

“We left everything behind. Especially my cat. I had a wonderful cat that I left in Gaziantep. It was one of the saddest things about my Hijrah (migration to Syria),” Kassim stated.

He went on to say that the extremist group’s defeat in Mosul, Iraq, would not prevent them from spreading jihad. ISIS will continue to operate and jihadists within European countries will carry out attacks on their home soil instead of traveling to Syria.

The hard truth is, not everyone who loves cats is a good person and it is especially unwise to be that optimistic with monsters like this not-job!