My Cat Took Care Of A Stray Kitty We Found In A Parking Lot, The Way He Thanked Him Will Melt Your Heart

Two Stupid Cats wrote on Bored Panda:

“Fred was orphaned, scared, underweight, a month and a half old “fits in your palm” tiny kitty when he was rescued from the parking lot and introduced to a two-year-old male tabby, Karl.

“What happened next was no short of wonderful…”

“Fred was tiny, scared, alone and missed his mommy sooo much”

“Karl, being no less than a gentleman/cat, took him under his own”

“Became his protector and took upon himself to care of that tiny furball”

“He gave his best to substitute the love and affection little Fred had lost”

“Years afterwards, Fred never leaves Karl’s side, and gives him all the love he deserves”

“And he deserves a lot of love”!

“They’re always curious about everything”

“Dynamic duo is inseparable-from assisting in the kitchen while lunch is in the making…

…to lounging afterwards which they are best at”!

“Reminding us that love you give others always finds its way back to you …”

via: BoredPanda