Oklahoma Kittens Born Without Eyelids Undergoing Surgery!

OKLAHOMA – Central Oklahoma Humane Society is currently caring for a litter of kittens born without eyelids.

Katniss, Prim, Rue, Theo and Alex are on the prowl and in training to take on the world.

Their vision may be a bit weak, but their other senses are strong.

“They’re just so lovable, playful and adorable, so it’s really hard to even look at them like they have a disability,” explained Abby Wolfe with Central Oklahoma Humane Society.

Dr. Jeff Studer is a veterinarian and also an eye specialist at BluePearl.

Wednesday, he will be the one treating the kittens.

He explained the disorder they have is not common and the cause is unknown.

“In this situation, the hair that would normally be on the outside of the skin is now rubbing on the cornea every time,” Struder stated. “On a few of them, we’re going to actually, basically freeze the hairs that are rubbing on their corneas.”

Studer said Prim’s eyes are in the worst shape he’s seen and one might have to be removed.

“Everybody that’s around her believes that she sees out of her right eye, and so we’re definitely going to try to save it,” Struder stated.

Following the surgery, the kittens are expected to bounce right back.

“It’s been a real pleasure to see them grow up and now finally getting their happy endings,” Wolfe stated.

The kittens will then be put up for adoption.

They will need extra care, so the Humane Society is looking for a special family who is able to dedicate their time.

To find out just when they will be up for adoption, check out their Facebook page: Central Oklahoma Humane Society!