Cat Wakes Up Family After Her Owner Has A Heart-Attack

Who would have thought that a cat would help save a human’s life? Shotzie the cat is a lovely kitty who lives with her owners and saved her human’s life. Shotzie’s dad went to work one morning just like any other day – he got up at 4AM, fed the cat and went to go outside when the heart attack occurred.

The cat didn’t waste any time – as soon as she saw the man falling down to the floor, she ran to the bedroom and pounced on her mom’s head. The women knew something was wrong. She went down and saw her husband on the floor. Shocked, she tried CPR, but he was still unresponsive.

The woman called an ambulance which arrived quickly and was able to save the man’s life. If it wasn’t for Shotzie, though, who knows what would’ve happened.