Here’s Why We’re So Obsessed With Cats

This incredible video answers one question we’ve all been wondering for a long time – why are we so obsessed with cats? Felines have taken over our hearts and the Internet as well. It’s not the cats that are obsessed with us – it’s the other way around. The video is a must see for any cat lovers as it explains a lot about our relationships with felines.

If you think that humans have domesticated cats in the past, you’re wrong. Unlike other animal species, cats have domesticated themselves. They appeared in the first settlements of men. The first domesticated cats were scavengers out for food, which means only the strongest survived.

Over time, they learned how to live with humans and have lost a bit of their scavenging abilities, but they’ve won over our hearts. We have a weakness for felines and it seems they know how to use it to their advantage.