Cat Watches 2 Rats Fight – Captured On A Video

We’ve all seen cats fight on the street, but what about rats? Seeing rats fight is pretty uncommon. You may see a cat chasing a rat, but seeing 2 rats fight is rare. Well, now you can see how that looks on video. A man named Cheez online managed to get an incredible video of 2 rats chasing and fighting each other while a cat overlooks the fight.

The cat didn’t even interrupt them. Cheez says that he heard strange noises nearby when walking to his apartment and went to investigate. He couldn’t dream the sight he saw.

Two rats were fighting in front of a bedazzled cat. She didn’t interrupt or anything – she obviously enjoyed the fight. No one noticed that Cheez was filming the whole thing. Not surprisingly, the video went viral as soon as it was posted online.

The rats eventually went their own way. Cheez’s video gained a lot of traction on social media with funny comments written every couple of minutes. Check out the best reactions: