Scottish MP Goes Viral After His Cats Makes an Appearance at a Zoom Meeting

Cats can be true a**holes sometimes. They can waltz in unannounced on video calls, ready to lay ruin to your plans. This happens to anyone regardless of stature. The Scottish MP recently learned that the hard way.

While he was talking with associates in an important Zoom meeting, his lovely cat photobombed it and went viral afterwards. John Nicolson of the Ochil & South Pertshire parliament was holding an important meeting when hist cat photobombed it with this:

Yes, that’s the cat’s tail. The man apologized immediately while politely asking Rojo (the cat) to put his tail down.

It was a very funny moment and Nicolson’s colleagues were having a great time. The video, of course, went viral right afterwards. Rojo eventually let the meeting continue. After the viral video, Nicolson posted the ‘culprit’ with face and name online. To be honest, that’s one of the cutest ginger cats we’ve ever seen.