This Cat’s Selfies Are Better Than Yours Will Ever Be (PHOTOS)

When people think of cameras and the internet, surely one of the first words which probably pops into your mind is … SELFIE!

Anyone and everyone from our family members, to our co-workers, to celebrities, to complete strangers seem to be completely swept up in this new craze. So why wouldn’t we want to include our pets in on the fun?

Instagram user yourmahm was taking photos with his GoPro camera featuring his dogs and his cat Manny.

As anyone can see clearly in the photos below, Manny seems not only to be a selfie specialist, but a real ham as well.

Along with the assistance of his human, Manny seems to strike up some killer face shots with a little help from his furry friends.

Here is the most excellent part. Manny is actually a former stray cat who met yourmahm completely by chance.

Not only has Manny managed to find himself a loving human and a forever home, but also has a newfound interest in photography!

Just goes to show you, when someone believes in you, anything is possible … including a brand new start and a brand new life!

“Hello, world! It’s me, Manny da cat!”


“Just catchin’ some rays and catchin’ my best angles too.”


“#SquadGoals … amirightttt?”


“I calls this ‘the perfect smize.”


“I’m Instagram famous, but I’m not beneath sharing the fame…”


“I sent this one to all my cat friends with the caption ‘#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying”


“Hang on, hang on, I need to find my light.”


“I almost have the perfect angle … There! Got it!”


Photo credit: yourmahm (and Manny)