Cat Stayed by His Baby Brother and Helped his Broken Heart Heal

This is the story is Siggy the cat and his tiny human, Isaac.

Perhaps the cat knew Isaac needed some extra love and support? Or perhaps it was just one of those situations where a cat simply makes his choice? Whatever the reason, this cat and this young child now have an unshakable friendship that will last them both a lifetime!

Siggy the cat met his little baby brother Isaac when he was born 13 days late. “We came home that same night when he met Siggy for the first time,” Kirsty Jai Skelton told Amy at Love Meow. “Siggy sniffed him, rubbed his head and fell asleep next to us.”

“Isaac turned out to be seriously ill with multiple heart problems (he’s just had his first open heart surgery at 12 weeks old) and I think Siggy knew because he would sleep under Isaac’s moses basket whenever Isaac was in it, like he was guarding him.”

Siggy seemed to fall in love with Isaac the day they met; laying beside him and just purring and purring endlessly, acting more like a big furry brother than a house pet.

“Isaac went into hospital for over a month when he was 3 weeks old and Siggy went to stay with a friend, and when we came home and fetched him he was doting on Isaac,” Skelton said.

Today, little Issac is thriving and his health has sharply improved.

“He makes me so proud, he’s always been the happiest, most affectionate baby. He’s not letting it keep him down!” Skelton said.

Healing is much less of an uphill climb when you have a friend, brother and caregiver like Siggy, who not only gave love and support to Isaac when he needed it the most … Siggy gave him hope.

Photos: Kirsty Jai Skelton │ Original version of this story appeared recently on Love Meow.