Why Some Cats Are Terrified of Cucumbers – The Reasons Revealed!

There’s just no telling what’s going to make a video go viral, however, lately, it’s been cats freaking out.

If you haven’t seen one of the various viral videos of cat owners scaring their cats with cucumbers, here you go:

By simply placing a cucumber behind an unexpecting pet, these owners are making their pets (literally) go bonkers. But why is this?

Jill Goldman, who is a certified animal behaviorist, told National Geographic that it is possible that the cat thinks the cucumber may be a snake. We can all agree that if we turned around and saw a snake we just might have a similar reaction. The cat is probably not used to seeing this particular shape just lying on the floor and there was no sound either, causing the cat to think that the vegetable is a dangerous predator.

However, this might not be entirely true. According to Animal behavior specialist named Dr. Roger Mugford, cats would be scared of just about anything you put behind them without them noticing.

“I suspect that there would be the same reaction to a model spider, a plastic fish or a human face mask,” stated Mumford.

He is suggesting that it might just be fear of the unknown, and that a surprise pineapple could be just as scary as a cucumber.

We are not recommending that you go testing out different fruits on your pet cat because you’ll scare the poor guy and might cause him to hurt himself.