Cat Splits Open A Litter Bag To Poop After He Finds Door To His Litter Box Shut

We all know that cats are incredibly clean animals. This goes for their own hygiene and their toilet habits as well. They will never do it on the floor – it will either be outside in the yard or in a litter box. However, this kitten recently found itself in a dilemma. The toilet with her litterbox was closed, so it was quite confused what to do.

Apart from being clean, cats are clever too. At least this kitty is. Instead of just going on the floor, Tino found the bag of clean litter, managed to spill some of it on the floor and just went there! Tino’s owner posted the pics online and inspired many to leave hilarious comments. We, however, congratulate the kitten – well done for keeping it together, Tino!

Now, waking up with an opened bag of cat litter scattered all over the floor (and a few cat turds) isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. However, you can’t be mad at Tino’s intelligence. We’re still not sure why Tino done it. Was it out of cleanliness? As Tino’s owner says, it doesn’t matter now. As soon as the pics went online, there were over 500 comments and more than 18K likes. We’re just not sure if people like pics of turds so much or are inspired by the cat’s cleverness.