Rescue Cat ‘Repeatedly Kicked’ by Schoolboys!

UNITED KINGDOM – The owner of a rescue cat that was reportedly abused by some students from William De Ferrers School has appealed for the culprits to come forward.

Witnesses are claiming that they saw two boys in the schools’ uniform repeatedly kicking 11-year-old Tilly in Middleton Row Park, South Woodham Ferrers, on Wednesday afternoon.

Tilly’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that she wants those responsible to own up to what they’ve done.

“I just can’t understand the mentality of someone that would do that to an animal,” she stated.

“I’d advise them to come forward now before they get caught.”

Tilly, who was attacked by school children on Wednesday afternoon

Tilly, who was attacked by school children on Wednesday afternoon


The woman says she only learned about the incident after she saw a post on Facebook.

“Tilly followed me to the park, as she always does, but didn’t come with me when I went to the shop with my son,” the woman went on to say.

“When we got back to the park she’d gone and when she didn’t come back for hours I really started to worry. It was only when a friend pointed out a Facebook post about the incident that I realized what had happened, and went straight back to the park to find her.”

Tilly’s owner did locate her eventually and, after a trip to the vet, she showed no serious injuries.

Tilly is currently resting at home.

“She’s a bit shaken up, a bit nervous, but other than that she seems ok,” explained her owner.

“What’s sad is that she’s a rescue cat, so has dealt with abusive owners in the past. I’ve only had her for four or five months and am really sad this has happened.”

Details of the attack were passed along to William De Ferrers School and teachers are saying they are looking into the matter.

In a statement, they stated: “Students at William de Ferrers School are usually extremely well behaved and absolutely delightful but in any large organisation there will always be a small minority who, at times, demonstrate anti social behavior.

“The idea that anyone would be unkind to animals is totally unacceptable and we are taking this very seriously and liaising closely with the member of the public to gather more information about the incident and individuals concerned.”

The owner also went further and reported the incident to the RSPCA, who are urging anyone who may have seen anything to come forward.

“This sounds very distressing,” they stated in a statement.

“We urge anybody with any information to come forward and call us on 0300 1234 999.”