CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Drowning Kittens Rescued in Just a Nick of Time!

These kittens were lucky to be rescued and are lucky to still be alive.

During a terrible monsoon storm in Thailand, two little kitties were in in serious danger after their mama hid them inside abandoned water tanks.

Due to the storm and heavy rains the tanks quickly began to fill.

Luckily, some neighbors heard the frantic meows and immediately jumped into action.

Neighbors realized that these kittens were the babies of one of the neighborhood strays. Some people had seen them a day or two before.

The mom cat originally had four kittens but only two were found in the tanks.

Luckily, the poor drowning kittens were rescued in the last moments. They were clearly stressed out but appeared thankful for being rescued.

Still, there was the matter of the other two missing kittens. A group of people went on a search for them but came up with nothing!
Everyone had just about given up hope.

The very next day, however, once the storm had cleared, it would seem that a miracle happened.

Somewhere in the course of the night, the mama cat had somehow managed to reunite herself with the other two kitties that no one could find!

It wasn’t long before the mama cat and ALL of her babies were “taken in” by neighbors and now, today, each of them live in safe, happy homes!