Rescue Kitty with Crooked Jaw

This is Duchess the cat. She has a jaw that is a bit crooked, but this little miracle kitty is absolutely in love with life!

Crystal Tate shared the story with the fine folks at Love Meow: “Duchess was a stray who was brought into the vet clinic after being hit by a car, which broke her jaw, and banged her up pretty bad – most places would’ve just euthanized her, but by some miracle Duchess got lucky and Dr. Meyer took a chance and repaired her jaw.

She was in recovery for about a month, she was on a feeding tube and lots of medicine. Her chances of survival were slim, but she was a fighter and pulled through. I met her the day I arrived at the clinic for my first day and ended up bringing her home with me less than a week later.

Her jaw is still crooked (but with no pain) and it will be for the rest of her life, but it hasn’t crushed her spirit. (We do have the option of going back in a year or two to attempt reconstructive surgery).”

“Many people have asked if Duchess is able to eat, and she absolutely can, but only soft canned food. Since she cannot open her jaw very wide we blend the cat food up and mix in water and chicken broth, it ends up being the consistency of a smoothie, she chows down on 3 cans a day without any issues.”

“She has been a part of our family for 3 weeks now and she walks around like she’s owns the house, sitting where she pleases and drooling wherever she goes. She loves cuddling and laying on her humans and trying to steal our food.

We are still learning her quirks and helping her live her new life but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sometimes second chances make all the difference!

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Photos by Crystal Tate

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