Check Out ‘Felix the Train Cat’ Who Has Become an International Celebrity!

UNITED KINGDOM – Postman Pat may just have a famous black and white cat, but he is not the only one.

Huddersfield train station also has their very own live-in tuxedo cat, who is quickly climbing the popularity ranks thanks to her own personal Facebook page with almost 70,000 likes.

Felix the Huddersfield Station cat, is senior pest controller for TransPennine Express, which is located at Huddersfield Railway Station in West Yorkshire, UK and she is slowly winning hearts across the world with her cold stare and gorgeous fluffy coat.

Her colleagues appear to be very excited about their feline friend, spending time capturing a number of videos of Felix at work and play around the train station and posting them on Facebook for her growing legion of fans.

Felix has even become a bit of an international star lately, with media outlets in Germany and the UK covering her recent promotion to senior pest controller such as BuzzfeedUK and also The Independent UK.

After five years of hard graft, Felix now even has her own hi-vis vest and name badge as well as her own cat-door on one of the barriers so she can go about her work undisrupted.

Well done to Felix on her promotion and we wish you the best for her future endeavours!