Cat With No Tail Insists On Being With Sad Grandma Who Never Liked Cats, But Then …

A cat with no tail who was saved from a tram rail track, found a sad grandma who had lost her husband of 55 years.

The grandma was never into cats, but the sweet feline curled up next to her and changed her life forever.

This is the story of Mitsie the Cat!

Just two years ago grandma Lulia’s husband died suddenly after over half a century of marriage. She was completely devastated and lost. The family suggested that she get a pet, hoping it would give her the companionship she needed.

“She absolutely rejected the idea of cats, saying she never really liked cats,” Theo Stefanescu, who is a vet tech, explained to Cats Meow Lovers.

They didn’t talk about it at all again until summer 2016 a tailless cat managed to make her way into their home.

“I found Mitsie on a tram rail track right as I was about to cross the street. The weather was really bad.”

Theo didn’t want to startle the kitty into traffic and so instead, she slowly approached her while calling to her.

“She got up and ran towards me, jumped straight into my lap. I thought I absolutely couldn’t leave her there,” Theo stated to Cats Meow lovers.

The kitty was merely skin and bones, covered in filth. Her tail was gone and she was in bad shape. And so, Theo took her in and brought her back to health.

While she was searching for a home for Mitsie, she had to stop by her grandma’s on her birthday.

“I brought Mitsie with me by pure chance, but to my surprise when grandma saw her it was love at first sight.”

As soon as Mitsie walked out of her carrier, she walked right up to grandma Lulia, jumped on the sofa next to her and curled right up for a nap right by her side as if she had always lived there. Grandma, who used to adamantly object the idea of having cats, ended up offering to foster the sweet feline for a few days until they could find her a permanent home.

However, Mitsie had a different plan.

“She adjusted to the house so well, knew exactly where to look for the litterbox, how to use the scratch post, and my grandma’s chest became her bed. She claimed a spot on the windowsill as well as in my grandma’s heart,” Theo said to Cats Meow Lovers.

“I brought up the ‘foster’ concept again a few weeks later and my grandma looked at me as if I was crazy. ‘What, giving her away now?’”

However, Grandma refused and Mitsie never left her house since.

The bond between grandma and Mitsie is the most beautiful bond they have ever seen.

“Their bond is unspeakable. Mitsie is able to sense whenever my grandma is sad or hurt. She will climb right in her lap and take my grandma’s hand in her paws, settling her head in my her palm. My grandma said she acts just like a child,” Theo said to Cats Meow Lovers.

“The most important part of their bond is how Mitsie is very vocal, but particularly so around my grandma. After living with grandpa for decades, the fact that she was left alone with no one to talk to took a huge toll. Mitsie checks on her day and night by gently chirping at her, and in turn my grandma talks to her.”

“Mitsie has been a real blessing, and my grandma always gushes about how she’s the best cat, so clever and good,” Theo said to Cats Meow Lovers.

“I am absolutely convinced they found each other when they needed it most… Animals truly work wonders.”

Cats always know who they want!

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