Check out Jesperpus, The Skiing Cat! – VIDEOS/PHOTOS

NORWAY – If you don’t think cats can accompany you on outdoor adventures, then you might just have the wrong cat.

You;re thinking, sure, dogs love snow, and pandas love snow, and even barely walking toddlers get in on the snow fun, but not cats. No way!

Presenting … Jesperpus the cat!

Jesperpus runs on a leash, rides on shoulders and accompanies his owner when he goes on Nordic cross country skiing adventures.

Videos and photos of this precious kitty in the snow have recently gone viral.
Like this one!

Now that you’ve seen it for yourself, you think sure, one cat likes adventures, but one exception means nothing.

Happy snow trails, Jesperpus!

For now, you can follow Jesperpus on his very own Facebook page:

Photo credits: Jesperpus

Check Jesper out more of Jesper in the snow here.