Here Comes the Bride And – A Hefty 35-Lb Cat

Vito the Cat, formerly known as Symba, finally has his forever home!

Everyone has heard of brides being upstaged on their wedding day, but never quite like this.

Vito the 35-lb. orange tabby cat who was once a resident at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., truly had a reputation that preceded him. So as the cat’s owners Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin went ahead and prepared for their wedding shoot, their photographer Kristi Odom inquired about including him, reports ABC News.

“It was actually Kristi’s idea,” Berkeley, of Mount Rainier, Maryland, stated. “She said she knew we had a fantastically, fat cat and she thought it’d be a great idea to get some pictures with him.”

And so, Odom snapped away, commemorating the couple’s extremely special day in a very special way.

“We wished that we could’ve included him in our wedding because everybody loves him and would’ve thought it was hilarious, but we got married two hours away,” Berkeley explained to ABC News. “We love the pictures. As soon as we get the raw images back from [the photographer], we are going to blow a bunch up and hang them on the wall.”

For the time being, Berkeley claims that Vito is on a diet and she believes he’s lost some weight already. No matter how many pounds this particular pussycat ends up losing, we suspect there will always be enough kitty love to go around.