Dog, Cat And Rat Who Tightly Bonded At A Shelter Could Not Stand To …

Dogs, cats and rats wouldn’t normally be in each other’s company, one such example is the famed cartoon “Tom & Jerry”, where the characters most certainly do not get along most of the time. Not for this shelter though!

This threesome was brought to Oshkosh Area Humane Society in early March.

Look at how calm Jack, the cat and his buddy, Sasha are!

Even Tweaks, who is the rat, did not mind Jack’s presence at all!

Many people would not think that cats and dogs do not get along but look how close they are!

Tweaks just simply crawls under Jack’s paws and for a good night’s rest!

And here, it looks like Sasha does not mind sharing her food with Tweaks!

Have you ever witnessed a rat and a cat get this close?

Jack absolutely loves giving his pal a lick and Tweaks sure appreciates it!

The trio has been nicknamed “The Rat Pack” by the shelter staff and is kept together.

Finally, after a period of three weeks, the trio will be re-homed by a woman whose name is Kathy Berens.

Although Karen was a bit skeptical about Tweaks, she adored him immediately!

This trio has finally found a forever home with a loving family!

The shelter staff went on to explain that they will miss them when they leave, who would not?

The trio will live in their forever home in Wisconsin with Kathy Berens and her family.

Check out their adorable video below!

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