Cat-Sitter Shares A Note She Got From The Owner, And It’s Hilarious

Looking after another person’s cats can be fun, however, it can also be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with each cat’s individual sensibilities.

When user named Amanda on Tumblr was tasked with watching her friend’s family of felines, she was thankfully left with a helpful note to guide her along through the experience. After she posted the cheeky ‘key for the cats’ with photos of each and every furbaby, it was immediately clear that the descriptions she was given were spot-on.

When cat-sitting, it’s very important to remember a lot more than just how the cat looks. According to international cat-sitting expert named Maria Atkins, acting calm around new cats and giving them as much time as they need to feel more comfortable around you is crucial.

Cats rely almost completely on scent so it may take them a short while to get used to yours if it’s your first time in their home. If you’re in doubt, however, play time goes a long way – with the occasional treat thrown in to sweeten the deal.

You should get to know the entire gang below, and see if you can guess who’s who!

The Cats:

Here is your key for the cats:

Samson: All gray. The most handsome cat you’ve ever seen. Looks like the cat was drawn by a Disney animator.

Dobby: All black. No tail. Looks like a cat that was drawn by a person who has a vague idea of what cats look like but in reality has never seen one.

Dixie: Calico. Looks like she would speak with a squeaky voice. Very short. Will use her nails to love you.

Wilson: Gray and white. Obese. Still adorable. Looks like Tony Soprano. Probably the mob boss.