Cruel Breeder Has Been Banned From Owning Animals For Life After A Horrific Discovery

As you most likely know, not every dog breeder really runs an ethical operation. Some people mistreat their animals, while others even torture them! The animals are kept in horrible conditions more often than not, and it seems that even the authorities can’t help.

Recently, a UK breeder named Jane Oxlade has finally been arrested for mistreating animals. The RSPCA received complaints about Oxlade for years and finally decided to investigate the matter. What they found was shocking – the woman kept nearly 60 animals in inhumane conditions in her home in Kent.

Oxlade was banned from ever owning animals again and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison while also being fined for £2,000. One of the vets from the RSPCA said that the case was one of the worst he’s seen. There was mud and dirt everywhere and the animals were sleeping in their own feces!

The RSPCA joined forces with local Kent police earlier this year to write up a warrant for Oxlade’s property. The were complaints about her business for a while, yet the authorities weren’t able to find enough evidence.

After obtaining the search warrant, the police found nearly 60 cats and dogs living in terrible conditions and finally got the breakthrough they wanted. Most of the dogs were sick, and one even died. The poor animals didn’t have access to water, so it’s pretty clear that they were in bad shape. Surprisingly enough, Oxlade’s living room was kept clean and shiny, but the rest of the property, to which no one but her had access, was far worse.

Immediately after her arrest, one animal organization launched a campaign called Lucie’s Law in order to raise awareness on puppy farming. Share the campaign video to spread awareness about puppy farming and help fight the problem globally.