Crying Kitten Abandoned on Side of Massachusetts Road!

Amid the hustle and bustle of a big time Hollywood movie being filmed in downtown Brockton, a kitten was abandoned and literally left crying on the street.

City officials are now asking for the public’s help to find the perpetrator in the case of animal abuse, the Brockton Enterprise reported.

Hypnotic Creations Photography

Hypnotic Creations Photography


The tiny, black, short-haired cat was discovered abandoned in the road at Main Street and White Avenue on the morning of Sept. 7, before someone called the authorities, and the Brockton Animal Control Department was then summoned to the scene to help.

“City officials are seeking the public’s help in our efforts to identify the party responsible for abandonment of this kitten,” the animal control department declared in a statement posted this week.


The kitten came from a vehicle which was described by a witness as a green car, which stopped suddenly just before the cat was dropped in the road and the culprit then sped away.

The Brockton Animal Control Department is asking anyone with additional information to call the department at 508-580-7835 or email