Cuddle With Shelter Cats At the Portland Art Museum This Weekend

The three cats toted along for the media event were simply the purr-fect representatives for their species Thursday at the Portland Art Museum.

Bruce was intensely interested in escaping through the open door which leads to the storage closet.

Yardley remained comfortable on a cushion napping, largely ignoring the attempts to give him his 15 minutes of fame.

Daisy refused to share the spotlight with the cardboard cat cutouts she was being prompted to pose with.

Their presence was orchestrated by the Oregon Humane Society, who has these cats and others up for adoption, and the Portland Art Museum, who is hosting feline-friendly events each Saturday in March in celebration of “My Wife’s Lovers,” which is a painting by Carl Kahler once called the world’s greatest cat painting.

The “Caturdays” kick off March 5, 2016, with improv cat comedy by Kickstand Comedy and a chance to cuddle with even more cats up for adoption through the Oregon Humane Society.

The following week, on March 12, is a Miller Family Free Day, with free admission to the museum all day long. Be sure to catch Moshow the Cat Rapper, who is debuting a song which was inspired by the Kahler painting.

Find out if life imitates art or vice versa by posing inside a photo booth complete with a backdrop replica of “My Wife’s Lovers.”

Find a full list of the month’s activities, including cat poetry and talks, on the museum’s events calendar and read about the painting’s actual arrival in Portland last month.

And don’t forget, tonight is First Thursday, which means admission to the museum is free from 5-8 p.m. And most Fridays are $5 admission from 5-8 p.m., featuring an art pub where pizza and beer are readily sold.