These Cute Newscast-interrupting Kitties Are SO Ready for the Limelight!

Lately, the internet has been abuzz about a recent newscast from a Turkish television station. What makes this particular dose of the daily news so buzz-worthy, though, is the unexpected guest that turned up during the live broadcast.

The visitor can first be seen sneakily peeking its eyes just above the edge of the anchor’s desk, but seeing its opportunity for some time in the limelight so close at hand, the cat can’t seem to help but explode onto the scene. The unexpected guest is then very quickly revealed to be a stray kitten that wandered into the studio.

However, this kitten isn’t the first to disrupt a news segment, and we have a feeling somehow that he won’t be the last. Here are a few chaos-causing cat compatriots as they spoil their share of the news.

This reporter was really taken by complete surprise by a curious and bold cat that apparently mistook her for a climbing post.

This kitten showed up during a reporter’s on-the-scene segment and simply decided to hang out with his new friends.

This reporter’s response is absolutely priceless when her cameraman unwittingly becomes the launchpad of a neighborhood cat that has come to check out what these humans are up to.

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