After Being Deemed ‘Unadoptable, Jon Snow the Cat Now Lives a Happy Life!

SOUTH KOREA – A furry feline that had once been deemed “unadoptable” now has a forever home and a new life, thanks to one woman’s act of kindness. A small kitten, who was named Jon Snow, was found on a dark street in South Korea, suffering from several health conditions. The cat was completely starved, dehydrated, and suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection. Little Jon Snow was immediately taken to a public kill shelter to live out his final days in a small wire cage with a plate of food and a blanket, the kitty equivalent of death row.

However, just when all hope was lost, Rachel Brown inquired about the winter-white cat for possible adoption. She had spent many weeks in search of the perfect cat to welcome into her home.

When she arrived to finally meet Jon Snow, she saw just how tired and depressed he was, but knew she finally had found the right kitten.

“As soon as I saw him, my heart leaped and then sank,” Brown explained to Inside Edition. “I instantly loved him, but he looked so sick and so sad.”

Brown stated that the minute she saw him, she couldn’t get him off her mind. Although the employees at the shelter told her the cat would never make it, she was determined to bring him home.

She filled out all of the paperwork to release her new four-legged friend and immediately rushed him to an emergency veterinary facility.

“When I took Jon out of the shelter, I think he knew he had been saved,” stated Brown. “While we were traveling on trains to the vet, he wanted to keep me in his sight; if he couldn’t see me through the mesh, he would meow.”

When they arrived at the vet, the doctors informed Brown that Jon had no chance of survival. According to Brown, they discovered he had corona virus, which is usually fatal and incurable.

“I couldn’t give up on him,” she said.

On the third day of his hospitalization, the cat suddenly began to eat normally after being placed on an IV drip. He had a surprising boost of energy and even started to play to his heart’s content. After the fifth day, Jon Snow was actually better than ever.

The doctors took him off the IV and his blood tests came back completely normal. The curious cat now lives peacefully, following his new owner all around the house and sleeping soundly on several pillows.

“He is the happiest kitty and that makes me so happy,” Brown stated.

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