Rescued From Hot Rubble, Covered With Soot

A tiny orphan kitten was pulled from the ashes after a fire in Jeffersonville, Indiana earlier this year. It was nothing short of a miracle that the little baby kitten survived.

Indiana of the City of Jeffersonville wrote at Facebook: “After the massive fire in a Jeffersonville apartment complex Thursday, out of the rubble came a kitten named Miracle.

Jeffersonville Firefighters were told a kitten was missing, but with both his parents deceased from smoke inhalation, it seemed unlikely a 2 week old kitten would survive. But the next day at 3 pm, a Firefighter found him covered in soot – alive.”

“It looked like a fuzzy play toy. I didn’t even know it was a cat,” Captain Rusty Hall of the Jeffersonville Fire Department told WDRB.

Sara Green, Director of J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter received a call that they had found the missing kitten. They rushed little Miracle kitten to Eastside Animal Hospital where he was given oxygen.

“Just a baby kitten, just wants to be loved,” said Sara.

“Kittens are very fragile at that age, plus the smoke inhalation,” Sara said. “I don’t know how in the world this thing survived.”

The little miracle kitten continued to thrive under Sara’s care.

“She will be taking care of Miracle indefinitely until they are either able to contact the owner or put him up for adoption,” City of Jeffersonville added.

Miracle was cleaned up and cared for around the clock.

“Just a baby kitten, just wants to be loved,” said Sarah Green of the J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter. “He just started purring a couple days ago.”

While in recovery, Miracle opened his eyes for the first time!

“I believe it was a miracle that we found him,” Captain Rusty Hall of the Jeffersonville Fire Department said.

The fact that he even survived was nothing short of a miracle!

Photos by City of Jeffersonville Indiana and Tyler Stewart via News and Tribune.