Kitten Found Alone and Crying in the Woods Transforms into a Total Love Bug in …

A woman found this poor wee one crying in the woods, looking for help. But just three months later she’s become the happiest and most loving kitten she’s ever met!

This is Quincy!

“I was taking my dog for a walk when I heard a meowing coming from the woods. This tiny kitten was standing there meowing at me. After some unsuccessful attempts at getting her to come over to me, I called my mother who brought food and my brother. My brother was able to grab her. We weren’t sure if she would make it at the time because she was so thin you could feel every bone,” the good Samaritan stated on imgur.

“We asked the neighbor if it was her kitten before taking her. According to the neighbor, the kitten was born from a stray cat near her father’s house 24 miles from where the kitten was found. This little kitten got into a compartment in his truck bed and ran off into the woods when the truck came to her house. That was two weeks before I found her.”

They named her Quincy, according to where she originated from. Her brother fell in love and decided to give her a forever home!

“Three months later she’s become the happiest and most loving kitten I’ve ever met.”

And now, she’s happy and was also very well fed for the holidays!